CLI configuration

This topic explains how to configure the Insight CLI:

Note: All required setup must be completed in addition to configuring the CLI

Set the target and certificate authority certificate

Set the target endpoint and CA certificate by running:

insight config set-target https://metadata-store-app.metadata-store.svc.cluster.local:PORT --ca-cert PATH


  • PORT is the target endpoint port
  • PATH is the direct path to the CA certificate

For example:

$ insight config set-target https://metadata-store-app.metadata-store.svc.cluster.local:8443 --ca-cert /tmp/ca.crt

Using config file: /Users/username/.insight/config.yaml
Setting endpoint in config to: https://metadata-store-app.metadata-store.svc.cluster.local:8443

Check the connection

Check that your configuration is correct and you are able to make a connection.

insight health

For example:

$ insight health
{"message":"Successfully Reached Metadata Store!"}
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