Install Application Accelerator

This document describes how to install Application Accelerator from the Tanzu Application Platform package repository.

Note: Use the instructions on this page if you do not want to use a profile to install packages. Both the full and light profiles include Application Accelerator. For more information about profiles, see Installing the Tanzu Application Platform Package and Profiles.


Before installing Application Accelerator:

Configure properties and resource usage

When you install the Application Accelerator, you can configure the following optional properties:

Property Default Description
registry.secret_ref The secret used for accessing the registry where the App-Accelerator images are located
server.service_type LoadBalancer The service type for the acc-ui-server service including LoadBalancer, NodePort, or ClusterIP
server.watched_namespace accelerator-system The namespace the server watches for accelerator resources
server.engine_invocation_url http://acc-engine.accelerator-system.svc.cluster.local/invocations The URL to use for invoking the accelerator engine
engine.service_type ClusterIP The service type for the acc-engine service including LoadBalancer, NodePort, or ClusterIP
engine.max_direct_memory_size 32M The maximum size for the Java -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize setting
samples.include True Option to include the bundled sample Accelerators in the installation
ingress.include False Option to include the ingress configuration in the installation
ingress.enable_tls False Option to include TLS for the ingress configuration
domain Top-level domain to use for ingress configuration
tls.secretName tls The name of the secret
tls.namespace tanzu-system-ingress The namespace for the secret

VMware recommends that you do not override the defaults for registry.secret_ref, server.engine_invocation_url, or engine.service_type. These properties are only used to configure non-standard installations.

The following table is the resource usage configurations for the components of Application Accelerator.

Component Resource requests Resource limits
acc-controller cpu: 100m
memory: 20Mi
cpu: 100m
memory: 30Mi
acc-server cpu: 100m
cpu: 100m
memory: 30Mi
acc-engine cpu: 500m
memory: 1Gi
cpu: 500m
memory: 2Gi


To install Application Accelerator:

  1. List version information for the package by running:

    tanzu package available list --namespace tap-install

    For example:

    $ tanzu package available list --namespace tap-install
    - Retrieving package versions for
      NAME                               VERSION  RELEASED-AT  0.5.1    2021-12-02T00:00:00Z
  2. (Optional) To make changes to the default installation settings, run:

    tanzu package available get --values-schema --namespace tap-install

    Where VERSION-NUMBER is the version of the package listed in step 1 above.

    For example:

    $ tanzu package available get --values-schema --namespace tap-install

    For more information about values schema options, see the properties listed earlier.

  3. Create an app-accelerator-values.yaml using the following example code:

      service_type: "LoadBalancer"
      watched_namespace: "accelerator-system"
      include: true

    Edit the values if needed or leave the default values.

    Note: For clusters that do not support the LoadBalancer service type, override the default value for server.service_type.

  4. Install the package by running:

    tanzu package install app-accelerator -p -v VERSION-NUMBER -n tap-install -f app-accelerator-values.yaml

    Where VERSION-NUMBER is the version included in the Tanzu Application Platform installation.

    For example:

    $ tanzu package install app-accelerator -p -v 1.0.0 -n tap-install -f app-accelerator-values.yaml
    - Installing package ''
    | Getting package metadata for ''
    | Creating service account 'app-accelerator-tap-install-sa'
    | Creating cluster admin role 'app-accelerator-tap-install-cluster-role'
    | Creating cluster role binding 'app-accelerator-tap-install-cluster-rolebinding'
    | Creating secret 'app-accelerator-tap-install-values'
    - Creating package resource
    - Package install status: Reconciling
     Added installed package 'app-accelerator' in namespace 'tap-install'
  5. Verify the package install by running:

    tanzu package installed get app-accelerator -n tap-install

    For example:

    $ tanzu package installed get app-accelerator -n tap-install
    | Retrieving installation details for cc...
    NAME:                    app-accelerator
    PACKAGE-VERSION:         1.0.0
    STATUS:                  Reconcile succeeded
    CONDITIONS:              [{ReconcileSucceeded True  }]

    Verify that STATUS is Reconcile succeeded.

  6. To see the IP address for the Application Accelerator API when the server.service_type is set to LoadBalancer, run the following command:

    kubectl get service -n accelerator-system

    This lists an external IP address for use with the --server-url Tanzu CLI flag for the Accelerator plug-in generate command.

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