Install the Tanzu Insight CLI plug-in


  • By following the instructions to install the Tanzu CLI and all the plug-ins, the Tanzu Insight plug-in is also installed.
  • Currently, the Tanzu Insight plug-in only supports macOS and Linux.

This topic explains how to install the Tanzu Insight plug-in by itself, after the user has installed the Tanzu CLI.


Follow the steps in this topic if you do not want to use a profile to install the Tanzu Insight CLI plug-in. For more information about profiles, see About Tanzu Application Platform components and profiles.

  1. From your tanzu directory, install the local version of the Tanzu Insight plug-in you downloaded by running:

    cd $HOME/tanzu
    tanzu plugin install insight --local cli
  2. Follow the steps in Configure the Tanzu Insight CLI plug-in.

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