Query data

This topic describes how to query the database to understand vulnerability, image, and dependency relationships. The Tanzu Insight CLI plug-in queries the database for vulnerability scan reports or Software Bill of Materials (SBoM) files.

Supported use cases

The following are a few use cases supported by the CLI:

  • What packages and CVEs exist in a particular image? (image)
  • What packages and CVEs exist in my source code? (source)
  • What dependencies are affected by a specific CVE? (vulnerabilities)

Query using the Tanzu Insight CLI plug-in

Install the Tanzu Insight CLI plug-in if you have not already done so.

There are four commands for querying and adding data.

  • image - Post an image SBOM or query images for packages and vulnerabilities.
  • package - Query packages for vulnerabilities or by image or source code.
  • source - Post a source code SBOM or query source code for packages and vulnerabilties.
  • vulnerabilities - Query vulnerabilities by image, package, or source code.

Use tanzu insight -h or see Tanzu Insight Details for more information.

Example #1: What packages & CVEs does a specific image contain?


tanzu insight image get --digest DIGEST


  • DIGEST is the component version or image digest.

For example:

$ tanzu insight image get --digest sha256:407d7099d6ce7e3632b6d00682a43028d75d3b088600797a833607bd629d1ed5
Registry:	docker.io
Image Name:	checkr/flagr:1.1.12
Digest:    	sha256:407d7099d6ce7e3632b6d00682a43028d75d3b088600797a833607bd629d1ed5
	1. alpine-baselayout@3.1.2-r0
	2. alpine-keys@2.1-r2
	3. apk-tools@2.10.4-r2
		1. CVE-2021-30139 (High)
		2. CVE-2021-36159 (Critical)
	4. busybox@1.30.1-r3
		1. CVE-2021-28831 (High)

Example #2: What packages & CVEs does my source code contain?


tanzu insight source get --repo REPO --org ORG


  • REPO specifies XML or JSON, the two supported file types
  • ORG is the source code’s organization

You may also use tanzu insight source get --commit COMMIT where COMMIT is the commit sha. --repo and --org must be used together.

For example, to get a recent scan for https://github.com/pivotal/kpack.git:

$ tanzu insight source get --repo kpack --org pivotal
ID:       	2
Repository:  kpack
Commit:  b66668e
Organization:	pivotal
		1. cloud.google.com/go/kms@v1.0.0
		2. github.com/BurntSushi/toml@v3.1.1
			1. CVE-2021-30999 (Low)
		3. github.com/Microsoft/go-winio@v0.5.2

Example #3: What dependencies are affected by a specific CVE?


tanzu insight vulnerabilities get --cveid CVE-IDENTIFIER


  • CVE-IDENTIFIER is the CVE identifier, for example, CVE-2021-30139.

For example:

$ tanzu insight vulnerabilities get --cveid CVE-2010-4051
1. CVE-2010-4051 (Low)
	1. libc-bin@2.28-10
	2. libc-l10n@2.28-10
	3. libc6@2.28-10
	4. locales@2.28-10

Add data

See Add Data for more information about manually adding data.

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