The BOM is a type/structure wrapping a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) describing the software components and their dependencies.

The structure of the BOM is defined as follows:

  "name": "bom-name",
  "raw": "`some byte array`"


  • name: For a cloud native buildpack SBOM, it starts with prefix cnb-sbom: and is followed by the location of the BOM definition in the layer. For example: cnb-sbom:/layers/sbom/launch/paketo-buildpacks_executable-jar/sbom.cdx.json. For any non CNB-SBOM, the name might change.

  • raw: The content of the BOM. The content may be in any format or encoding. Consult the name to infer how the content is structured.

The convention controller will forward BOMs to the convention servers that it can discover from known sources, including:

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