The Pod convention context is the body of the webhook request and response. The specification is provided by the convention controller and the status is set by the convention server.

The context is a wrapper of the individual object description in an API (TypeMeta), the persistent metadata of a resource (ObjectMeta), the PodConventionContextSpec and the PodConventionContextStatus.

In the PodConventionContext API resource:

  • Object path .spec.template field defines the PodTemplateSpec to be enriched by conventions. For more information about PodTemplateSpec, see the Kubernetes documentation.
  • Object path .spec.imageConfig[] field defines ImageConfig. Each entry of it is populated with the name of the image(.spec.imageConfig[].image) and its OCI metadata (.spec.imageConfig[].config). These entries are generated for each image referenced in PodTemplateSpec (.spec.template).

The following is an example of a PodConventionContext resource request received by the convention server. This resource is generated for a Go language-based application image in GitHub. It is built with Cloud Native Paketo Buildpacks that use Go mod for dependency management.

apiVersion: webhooks.conventions.apps.tanzu.vmware.com/v1alpha1
kind: PodConventionContext
  name: sample # the name of the ClusterPodConvention
spec: # the request
  imageConfig: # one entry per image referenced by the PodTemplateSpec
  - image: sample/go-based-image
    - name: cnb-app:.../sbom.cdx.json
      raw: ...
      - "/cnb/process/web"
      domainname: ""
      architecture: "amd64"
      image: "sha256:05b698a4949db54fdb36ea431477867abf51054abd0cbfcfd1bb81cda1842288"
        "io.buildpacks.stack.distro.version": "18.04"
        "io.buildpacks.stack.homepage": "https://github.com/paketo-buildpacks/stacks"
        "io.buildpacks.stack.id": "io.buildpacks.stacks.bionic"
        "io.buildpacks.stack.maintainer": "Paketo Buildpacks"
        "io.buildpacks.stack.distro.name": "Ubuntu"
        "io.buildpacks.stack.metadata": `{"app":[{"sha":"sha256:ea4ec23266a3af1204fd643de0f3572dd8dbb5697a5ef15bdae844777c19bf8f"}],
        "io.buildpacks.build.metadata": `{"bom":[{"name":"go","metadata":{"licenses":[],"name":"Go","sha256":"7fef8ba6a0786143efcce66b0bbfbfbab02afeef522b4e09833c5b550d7`...
      - name : workload
        image: helloworld-go-mod

PodConventionContext Structure

This section introduces more information about the image configuration in PodConventionContext. The convention-controller passes this information for each image in good faith. The controller is not the source of the metadata, and there is no guarantee that the information is correct.

The config field in the image configuration passes through the OCI Image metadata in GitHub loaded from the registry for the image.

The boms field in the image configuration passes through the BOMs of the image. Conventions might parse the BOMs they want to inspect. There is no guarantee that an image contains a BOM or that the BOM is in a certain format.

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