Deleting Learning Center

Follow these steps to delete Learning Center:

  1. Delete all current workshop environments by running:

    kubectl delete workshops,trainingportals,workshoprequests,workshopsessions,workshopenvironments --all

    Note: Ensure the Learning Center operator is still running when running this command.

  2. Verify you have deleted all current workshop environments by running:

    kubectl get workshops,trainingportals,workshoprequests,workshopsessions,workshopenvironments --all-namespaces

    Note: This command does not delete the workshops in the package.

  3. Uninstall the Learning Center package by running:

    tanzu package installed delete {NAME_OF_THE_PACKAGE} -n tap-install

    Note: This command also removes the added custom resource definitions and the learningcenter namespace.

    Note: If you have installed the Tanzu Application Platform package, Learning Center will be recreated.

  4. To remove the Learning Center package, add the following lines to your tap-values file.

check-circle-line exclamation-circle-line close-line
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