Presenter slides

If a workshop includes a presentation, include slides by placing them in the workshop/slides directory. Anything in this directory is served up as static files through a HTTP web server. The default webpage must be provided as index.html.

Using reveal.js presentation tool

To support the use of reveal.js, static media assets for that package are already bundled and available at the standard URL paths that the package expects. You can drop your slide presentation using reveal.js into the workshop/slides directory and it will work with no additional setup.

If you are using reveal.js for the slides and you have history enabled or are using section IDs to support named links, you can use an anchor to a specific slide and that slide will be opened when clicked on:


When using embedded links to the slides in workshop content, if the workshop content is displayed as part of the dashboard, the slides open in the tab to the right rather than as a separate browser window or tab.

Using a PDF file for presenter slides

For slides bundled as a PDF file, add the PDF file to workshop/slides and then add an index.html which displays the PDF embedded in the page.

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