Install Supply Chain Choreographer

This document describes how to install Supply Chain Choreographer from the Tanzu Application Platform package repository.

Note: Use the instructions on this page if you do not want to use a profile to install packages. Both the full and light profiles include Supply Chain Choreographer. For more information about profiles, see Installing the Tanzu Application Platform Package and Profiles.

Supply Chain Choreographer provides the custom resource definitions the supply chain uses. Each pre-approved supply chain creates a clear road to production and orchestrates supply chain resources. You can test, build, scan, and deploy. Developers can focus on delivering value to users. Application operators can rest assured that all code in production has passed through an approved workflow.

For example, Supply Chain Choreographer passes the results of fetching source code to the component that builds a container image of it, and then passes the container image to a component that deploys the image.


Before installing Supply Chain Choreographer:

  • Complete all prerequisites to install Tanzu Application Platform. For more information, see Prerequisites.


To install Supply Chain Choreographer:

  1. Install v0.3.0 of the package, naming the installation cartographer.

    tanzu package install cartographer \
      --namespace tap-install \
      --package-name \
      --version 0.3.0

    Example output:

    | Installing package ''
    | Getting namespace 'tap-install'
    | Getting package metadata for ''
    | Creating service account 'cartographer-tap-install-sa'
    | Creating cluster admin role 'cartographer-tap-install-cluster-role'
    | Creating cluster role binding 'cartographer-tap-install-cluster-rolebinding'
    - Creating package resource
    \ Package install status: Reconciling
    Added installed package 'cartographer' in namespace 'tap-install'
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