Out of the Box Delivery Basic

This package provides a reusable ClusterDelivery object that is responsible for delivering to an environment the Kubernetes configuration that has been produced by the Out of the Box Supply Chains, including Basic, Testing, and Testing With Scanning.


To make use of this package you must have installed:


Out of the Box Delivery Basic support both GitOps and local development workflows:


      points at a git repository where source code is found and
      kubernetes configuration is pushed to



      points at a container image registry where the supplychain
      pushes source code and configuration to



    takes a Deliverable (local or gitops) and passes is through
    a series of resources:

           config-provider  <---[config]--- deployer
                 .                             .
                 .                             .
    GitRepository/ImageRepository         kapp-ctrl/App
                                                - knative/Service
                                                - ResourceClaim
                                                - ServiceBinding

As a prerequisite to the Basic, Testing, and Testing With Scanning Out of the Box Supply Chains, you must install this package to have Workloads delivered properly.

Consumers do not interact directly with this package. Instead, this package is used once a carto.run/Deliverable object is created by the supply chains to express the intention of having the Workloads that go through them delivered to an environment. At this time, the environment is the same Kubernetes cluster as the Supply Chains.

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