Spec reference

With the Scan Controller and Grype Scanner installed (see Install Supply Chain Security Tools - Scan from Installing Individual Packages, the following Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) are now available:

$ kubectl get crds | grep scanning.apps.tanzu.vmware.com
imagescans.scanning.apps.tanzu.vmware.com                2021-09-09T15:22:07Z
scanpolicies.scanning.apps.tanzu.vmware.com              2021-09-09T15:22:07Z
scantemplates.scanning.apps.tanzu.vmware.com             2021-09-09T15:22:07Z
sourcescans.scanning.apps.tanzu.vmware.com               2021-09-09T15:22:07Z

About source and image scans

Both SourceScan (sourcescans.scanning.apps.tanzu.vmware.com) and ImageScan (imagescans.scanning.apps.tanzu.vmware.com) define what will be scanned, and ScanTemplate (scantemplates.scanning.apps.tanzu.vmware.com) will define how to run a scan. We have provided five custom resources (CRs) pre-installed for use. You can either use them as-is or as samples to create your own.

To view the pre-installed Scan Template CRs, run:

kubectl get scantemplates

You will see the following scan templates:

CR Name Use Case
public-source-scan-template Clones and scans source code from a public repository.
private-source-scan-template Connects with SSH credentials to clone and scan source code from a private repository.
public-image-scan-template Pulls and scans images from a public registry.
private-image-scan-template Connects with the registry credentials to pull and scan images from a private registry.
blob-source-scan-template To be used in a Supply Chain. Gets a .tar.gz available file with wget, uncompresses it, and scans the source code inside it.

By default, three scan templates are deployed (public-source-scan-template, public-image-scan-template, and blob-source-scan-template).

If targetImagePullSecret is set in tap-values.yaml, private-image-scan-template is also deployed. If targetSourceSshSecret is set in tap-values.yaml, private-source-scan-template is also deployed.

The private scan templates reference secrets created using the Docker server and credentials you provided, which means they are ready to use immediately.

For more information about the SourceScan and ImageScan CRDs and how to customize your own, refer to Configuring Code Repositories and Image Artifacts to be Scanned.

About policy enforcement around vulnerabilities found

The Scan Controller supports policy enforcement by using an Open Policy Agent (OPA) engine. ScanPolicy (scanpolicies.scanning.apps.tanzu.vmware.com) allows scan results to be validated for company policy compliance and can prevent source code from being built or images from being deployed.

For more information, see Configuring Policy Enforcement using Open Policy Agent (OPA).

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