Sample public image scan with compliance check

Public image scan

The following example performs an image scan on an image in a public registry. This image revision has 223 known vulnerabilities (CVEs), spanning a number of severities. ImageScan uses the ScanPolicy to run a compliance check against the CVEs.

The policy in this example is set to only consider Critical severity CVEs as a violation, which returns 21 Critical Severity Vulnerabilities.

Note: This example ScanPolicy is deliberately constructed to showcase the features available and must not be considered an acceptable base policy.

In this example, the scan does the following (currently):

  • Finds all 223 of the CVEs.
  • Ignores any CVEs with severities that are not critical.
  • Indicates in the Status.Conditions that 21 CVEs have violated policy compliance.

Define the ScanPolicy and ImageScan

Create sample-public-image-scan-with-compliance-check.yaml:

kind: ScanPolicy
  name: sample-scan-policy
  regoFile: |
    package policies

    default isCompliant = false

    # Accepted Values: "UnknownSeverity", "Critical", "High", "Medium", "Low", "Negligible"
    violatingSeverities := ["Critical"]
    ignoreCVEs := []

    contains(array, elem) = true {
      array[_] = elem
    } else = false { true }

    isSafe(match) {
      fails := contains(violatingSeverities, match.Ratings.Rating[_].Severity)
      not fails

    isSafe(match) {
      ignore := contains(ignoreCVEs, match.Id)

    isCompliant = isSafe(input.currentVulnerability)

kind: ImageScan
  name: sample-public-image-scan-with-compliance-check
    image: "nginx:1.16"
  scanTemplate: public-image-scan-template
  scanPolicy: sample-scan-policy

(Optional) Set up a watch

Before deploying, set up a watch in another terminal to view the process:

watch kubectl get scantemplates,scanpolicies,sourcescans,imagescans,pods,jobs

For more information about setting up a watch, see Observing and Troubleshooting.

Deploy the resources

kubectl apply -f sample-public-image-scan-with-compliance-check.yaml

View the scan results

kubectl describe imagescan sample-public-image-scan-with-compliance-check

Note: The Status.Conditions includes a Reason: EvaluationFailed and Message: Policy violated because of 21 CVEs.

For more information about scan status conditions, see Viewing and Understanding Scan Status Conditions.

Modify the ScanPolicy

To modify the Scan Policy, see Step 5: Sample Public Source Code Scan with Compliance Check.

Clean up

To clean up, run:

kubectl delete -f sample-public-image-scan-with-compliance-check.yaml
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