AWS RDS Postgres configuration


  • AWS Account


  1. Create an Amazon RDS Postgres using the Amazon RDS Getting Started Guide

  2. Once the database instance starts, retrieve the following information:

    1. DB Instance Endpoint
    2. Master Username
    3. Master Password
    4. Database Name
  3. Create a security group to allow inbound connections from the cluster to the Postgres DB

  4. Retrieve the corresponding CA Certificate that signed the Postgres TLS Certificate using the following link

  5. In the metadata-store-values.yaml fill the following settings:

    db_host: "<DB Instance Endpoint>"
    db_user: "<Master Username>"
    db_password: "<Master Password>"
    db_name: "<Database Name>"
    db_port: "5432"
    db_sslmode: "verify-full"
    db_max_open_conns: 10
    db_max_idle_conns: 100
    db_conn_max_lifetime: 60
    db_ca_certificate: |
      <Corresponding CA Certification>
    deploy_internal_db: "false"

Note: If deploy_internal_db is set to false, an instance of Postgres will not be deployed in the cluster.

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