Spring Boot conventions

This topic describes the Spring Boot convention server.


The Spring Boot convention server is a bundle of smaller conventions applied to any Spring Boot application that is submitted to the supply chain in which the convention controller is configured.

Run the docker inspect command to make the Spring Boot convention server look inside the image. Example command:

docker inspect springio/petclinic

Example output:

        "Id": "sha256:...",
        "RepoTags": [
        "RepoDigests": [
        "Parent": "",
        "Container": "",
        "ContainerConfig": {
            "Hostname": "",
            "Domainname": "",
            "User": "",
            "Labels": null
        "DockerVersion": "",
        "Author": "",
        "Config": {

The convention server searches inside the image for Config -> Labels -> io.buildpacks.build.metadata to find the bom file. It looks inside the bom file for metadata to evaluate whether the convention is to be applied.

For the list of conventions, see Conventions.

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