Install Tanzu Application Platform GUI

This topic describes how to install Tanzu Application Platform GUI if you have not done so by installing Tanzu Application Platform through a Full or View profile.

Use the instructions on this page if you do not want to use a profile to install packages.

For more information about profiles, see Installing the Tanzu Application Platform Package and Profiles.


Before installing Tanzu Application Platform GUI:

  • Complete all prerequisites to install Tanzu Application Platform. For more information, see the Tanzu Application Platform Prerequisites.
  • Create a Git repository for Tanzu Application Platform GUI software catalogs, with a token allowing read access. Supported Git infrastructure includes:
    • GitHub
    • GitLab
    • Azure DevOps
  • Install Tanzu Application Platform GUI Blank Catalog
    1. Go to the Tanzu Application Platform section of VMware Tanzu Network.
    2. Under the list of available files to download, open the tap-gui-catalogs-latest folder.
    3. Extract Tanzu Application Platform GUI Blank Catalog to your Git repository. This serves as the configuration location for your organization’s Catalog inside Tanzu Application Platform GUI.


To install Tanzu Application Platform GUI on a compliant Kubernetes cluster:

  1. List version information for the package by running:

    tanzu package available list --namespace tap-install

    For example:

    $ tanzu package available list --namespace tap-install
    - Retrieving package versions for
      NAME                      VERSION     RELEASED-AT  1.0.1       2022-01-10T13:14:23Z
  2. (Optional) Make changes to the default installation settings by running:

    tanzu package available get --values-schema --namespace tap-install

    Where VERSION-NUMBER is the number you discovered previously. For example, 1.0.1.

    For more information about values schema options, see the individual product documentation.

  3. Create tap-gui-values.yaml and paste in the following code:

    service_type: ClusterIP
    ingressEnabled: true
    ingressDomain: "INGRESS-DOMAIN"
        baseUrl: http://tap-gui.INGRESS-DOMAIN
          - type: url
            target: https://GIT-CATALOG-URL/catalog-info.yaml
        baseUrl: http://tap-gui.INGRESS-DOMAIN
          origin: http://tap-gui.INGRESS-DOMAIN


    • INGRESS-DOMAIN is the subdomain for the host name that you point at the tanzu-shared-ingress service’s External IP address.
    • GIT-CATALOG-URL is the path to the catalog-info.yaml catalog definition file from either the included Blank catalog (provided as an additional download named “Blank Tanzu Application Platform GUI Catalog”) or a Backstage-compliant catalog that you’ve already built and posted on the Git infrastructure specified in Adding Tanzu Application Platform GUI integrations.
  4. Install the package by running:

    tanzu package install tap-gui \
     --package-name \
     --version VERSION -n tap-install \
     -f tap-gui-values.yaml

    Where VERSION is the desired version. For example, 1.0.1.

    For example:

    $ tanzu package install tap-gui -package-name --version 1.0.1 -n tap-install -f tap-gui-values.yaml
    - Installing package ''
    | Getting package metadata for ''
    | Creating service account 'tap-gui-default-sa'
    | Creating cluster admin role 'tap-gui-default-cluster-role'
    | Creating cluster role binding 'tap-gui-default-cluster-rolebinding'
    | Creating secret 'tap-gui-default-values'
    - Creating package resource
    - Package install status: Reconciling
     Added installed package 'tap-gui' in namespace 'tap-install'
  5. Verify that the package installed by running:

    tanzu package installed get tap-gui -n tap-install

    For example:

    $ tanzu package installed get tap-gui -n tap-install
    | Retrieving installation details for cc...
    NAME:                    tap-gui
    PACKAGE-VERSION:         1.0.1
    STATUS:                  Reconcile succeeded
    CONDITIONS:              [{ReconcileSucceeded True  }]

    Verify that STATUS is Reconcile succeeded.

  6. To access Tanzu Application Platform GUI, use the service you exposed in the service_type field in the values file.

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