Using web workloads

The web workload type allows you to deploy web applications on Tanzu Application Platform. Using an application workload specification, you can turn source code into a scalable, stateless application that runs in a container with an automatically-assigned URL.

The web workload is a good match for modern web applications that store state in external databases and follow the 12-factor principles.

The out of the box (OOTB) supply chains include definitions for the web workload type which leverage Cloud Native Runtimes to provide:

  • Automatic request-based scaling, including scale-to-zero
  • Automatic URL provisioning and optional certificate provisioning
  • Automatic health check definitions if not provided by a convention
  • Blue-green application rollouts

When creating a workload with tanzu apps workload create, you can use the --type=web argument to select the web workload type. You can also use the label in the YAML workload description to support this deployment type.

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