Install Tanzu Application Platform (AWS)

You can install Tanzu Application Platform (commonly known as TAP) on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) by using Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR).

To install, take the following steps.

Step Task Link
1. Review the prerequisites to ensure that you have set up everything required before beginning the installation Prerequisites
2. Install the Tanzu CLI Install the Tanzu CLI
3. Create AWS Resources (EKS Cluster, roles, etc) Create AWS Resources
4. Install Cluster Essentials for Tanzu Deploy Cluster Essentials
5. Add the Tanzu Application Platform package repository, prepare your Tanzu Application Platform profile, and install the profile to the cluster Install the Tanzu Application Platform package and profiles
6. (Optional) Install any additional packages that were not in the profile Install individual packages
7. Set up developer namespaces to use your installed packages Set up developer namespaces to use your installed packages
8. Install developer tools into your integrated development environment (IDE) Install Tanzu Developer Tools for your VS Code

After installing Tanzu Application Platform on your Kubernetes clusters, get started with Tanzu Application Platform and create your ECR repositories for your workload, such as tanzu-application-platform/tanzu-java-web-app-default, tanzu-application-platform/tanzu-java-web-app-default-bundle, and tanzu-application-platform/tanzu-java-web-app-default-source.

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