Install Tanzu Application Platform (offline)

To install Tanzu Application Platform (commonly known as TAP) on your Kubernetes clusters in an air-gapped environment:

Step Task Link
1. Review the prerequisites to ensure you have met all requirements before installing. Prerequisites
2. Install the Tanzu CLI. Install the Tanzu CLI
3. Install Cluster Essentials for Tanzu*. Deploy Cluster Essentials
4. Add the Tanzu Application Platform package repository, prepare your Tanzu Application Platform profile, and install the profile to the cluster. Install Tanzu Application Platform in your air-gapped environment
5. Install Tanzu Build Service full dependencies. Install the Tanzu Build Service dependencies
6. Configure custom certificate authorities for Tanzu Developer Portal. Configure custom certificate authorities for Tanzu Developer Portal
7. Add the certificate for the private Git repository in the Accelerator system namespace. Configure Application Accelerator
8. (Optional) Set up offline vulnerability scanning Use vulnerability scanning in offline and air-gapped environments
9. Set up developer namespaces to use your installed packages. Set up developer namespaces to use your installed packages
10. Install IDE extensions from Marketplace Install IDE Extensions in your air-gapped environment

* When you use a VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster, there is no need to install Cluster Essentials because the contents of Cluster Essentials are already installed on your cluster.

After installing Tanzu Application Platform on to your air-gapped cluster, you can start creating workloads that run in your air-gapped containers.

For more information about the Namespace Provisioner mode, see Work with Git repositories in air-gapped environments with Namespace Provisioner.

For more information about the manual mode, see Deploy an air-gapped workload.

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