Overview of Tanzu Build Service

This topic provides you with an overview of VMware Tanzu Build Service in Tanzu Application Platform (commonly known as TAP).


Tanzu Build Service automates container creation, management, and governance at enterprise scale. Tanzu Build Service uses the open-source Cloud Native Buildpacks project to turn application source code into container images. It executes reproducible builds aligned with modern container standards and keeps images up to date.

Use the Tanzu Build Service CLI plug-in to view all the Tanzu Build Service resources on any Kubernetes cluster that has Tanzu Application Platform or Tanzu Build Service installed. For information about how to install the Tanzu CLI and plug-ins, see Install Tanzu CLI and Overview of Tanzu CLI.

For more information about Tanzu Build Service, see the Tanzu Build Service documentation. For more information about Tanzu Buildpacks and their configuration, see the Tanzu Buildpack documentation.

Tanzu Application Platform v1.7 includes Tanzu Build Service v1.12.

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