Application Accelerator Visual Studio Code extension

The application Accelerator Visual Studio Code extension lets you explore and generate projects from the defined accelerators in Tanzu Application Platform using VS Code.


To use the VS Code extension, you must interact with the acc-server, for more information see How to expose this server follow the instructions


Use the following steps to install the Application Accelerator Visual Studio extension:

  1. Sign in to VMware Tanzu Network and download the “Tanzu App Accelerator Extension for Visual Studio Code” file from the product page for VMware Tanzu Application Platform.

  2. Open VS Code.

    Option 1:

    1. From the Command Palette (cmd + shift + P), run “Extensions: Install from VSIX…”.

    2. Select the extension file tanzu-app-accelerator-0.1.2.vsix.

    Command palette open showing text Extensions: INSTALL FROM VSIX...

    Option 2:

    1. Select the Extensions tab: The extensions tab icon which is a square cut in fourths with the top-right fourth moved away from the other three

    2. Select Install from VSIX… from the overflow menu.

    The VS Code interface showing the extensions tab open, the overflow menu in the extensions tab open, and the Install from VSIX... option highlighted

Configure the extension

Before using the extension, you need follow the next steps:

  1. Go to VS Code settings - select Code > Preferences > Settings > Extensions > Tanzu App Accelerator.

  2. Look for the setting Acc Server Url.

  3. Add the acc-server URL.


Using the extension

After adding the acc-server URL you should can explore the defined accelerators accessing the new added icon:


Choose any of the defined accelerators, fill the options and click the generate project


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