Overview of Tanzu Developer Tools for IntelliJ

Tanzu Developer Tools for IntelliJ is VMware Tanzu’s official IDE extension for IntelliJ IDEA to help you develop with the Tanzu Application Platform. This extension enables you to rapidly iterate on your workloads on supported Kubernetes clusters that have Tanzu Application Platform installed.

The extension currently only supports Java apps.

Extension features

This extension gives the following features.

  • Deploy applications directly from IntelliJ

    Rapidly iterate on your applications on Tanzu Application Platform and deploy them as workloads directly from within IntelliJ.

  • See code updates running on-cluster in seconds

    With the use of Live Update facilitated by Tilt, deploy your workload once, save changes to the code and then, seconds later, see those changes reflected in the workload running on the cluster.

  • Debug workloads directly on the cluster

    Debug your application in a production-like environment by debugging on your Kubernetes cluster that has Tanzu Application Platform. An environment’s similarity to production relies on keeping dependencies updated, among other variables.

Next steps

Follow the steps to install the extension.

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