Dockerfile-based builds

For any source-based supply chains, that is supply chains that are not taking a pre-built image, when you specify the new dockerfile parameter in a Workload the builds switch from using Kpack to using Kaniko. Kaniko is an open-source tool for building container images from a Dockerfile even without privileged root access.

parameter name meaning example
dockerfile relative path to the Dockerfile file in the build context
docker_build_context relative path to the directory where the build context is
docker_build_extra_args list of flags to pass directly to Kaniko (such as providing arguments, and so on to a build)
- –build-arg=FOO=BAR

For example, assuming that you want to build a container image our of a repository named whose Dockerfile resides in the root of that repository, you can switch from using Kpack to building from that dockerfile by passing the dockerfile parameter:

$ tanzu apps workload create foo \
  --git-repo \
  --git-branch dev \
  --param dockerfile=./Dockerfile

  Create workload:
        1 + |---
        2 + |apiVersion:
        3 + |kind: Workload
        4 + |metadata:
        5 + |  name: foo
        6 + |  namespace: default
        7 + |spec:
        8 + |  params:
        9 + |  - name: dockerfile
       10 + |    value: ./Dockerfile
       11 + |  source:
       12 + |    git:
       13 + |      ref:
       14 + |        branch: dev
       15 + |      url:

Similarly, if the context to be used for the build must be set to a different directory within the repository, you can make use of the docker_build_context to change that:

$ tanzu apps workload create foo \
  --git-repo \
  --git-branch dev \
  --param dockerfile=MyDockerfile \
  --param docker_build_context=./src

Note: this feature has no platform operator configurations to be passed through tap-values.yaml, but if ootb-supply-chain-*.registry.ca_cert_data or shared.ca_cert_data is configured in tap-values, the certificates are considered when pushing the container image.

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