Application Accelerator in Tanzu Application Platform GUI

This topic describes how to use Application Accelerator in Tanzu Application Platform GUI.


Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu helps you bootstrap developing and deploying your applications in a discoverable and repeatable way.

Enterprise architects author and publish accelerator projects that provide developers and operators with ready-made, enterprise-conforming code and configurations. You can then use Application Accelerator to create new projects based on those accelerator projects.

The Application Accelerator UI enables you to discover available accelerators, configure them, and generate new projects to download.

Access Application Accelerator

To open the Application Accelerator UI plug-in and select an accelerator:

  1. Within Tanzu Application Platform, click Create in the left navigation pane to open the Accelerators page.

    Screenshot of Accelerators page. Six accelerators are displayed.

    Here you can view accelerators already registered with the system. Developers can add new accelerators by registering them with Kubernetes.

  2. Every accelerator has a title and short description. Click VIEW REPOSITORY to view an accelerator definition. This opens the accelerator’s Git repository in a new browser tab.

  3. Search and filter based on text and tags associated with the accelerators to find the accelerator representing the project you want to create.

  4. Click CHOOSE for the accelerator you want. This opens the Generate Accelerators page.

Configure project generation

To configure how projects are generated:

  1. On the Generate Accelerators page, add any configuration values needed to generate the project. The application architect defined these values in accelerator.yaml in the accelerator definition. Filling some text boxes can cause other text boxes to appear. Fill them all in.

    Screenshot of Generate Accelerators page. The example accelerator displayed is named Hello Fun.

  2. Click EXPLORE to open the Explore Project page and view the project before it is generated.

    Screenshot of the Explore Project page. The README file for the sample Hello Fun accelerator is displayed.

  3. After configuring your project, click NEXT STEP to see the project summary page.

  4. Review the values you specified for the configurable options.

  5. Click BACK to make more changes, if necessary. Otherwise, proceed to create the project.

    Screenshot of the project summary for the sample hello-fun project. A red cross is adjacent to the text Enable App Live View.

Create the project

To create the project:

  1. Click Create to start generating your project. See the progress on the Task Activity page. A detailed log is displayed on the right.

    Screenshot of task activity during project creation. The DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE button is highlighted.

  2. After the project is generated, click EXPLORE ZIP FILE to open the Explore Project page to verify configuration.

  3. Click DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE to download the project in a ZIP file.

Develop your code

To develop your code:

  1. Expand the ZIP file.
  2. Open the project in your integrated development environment (IDE).

    Screenshot of a file called Hello App Application dot java in the text editor Visual Studio Code.

Next steps

To learn more about Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu, see the Application Accelerator documentation.

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