Integrating Live Hover by using Spring Boot Tools (Experimental)

For more information about this feature, see the Live application information hovers section of VS Code documentation for Spring Boot Tools.


To integrate Live Hover by using Spring Boot Tools you need:

Activate the Live Hover feature

Activate the Live Hover feature by enabling it in Code > Preferences > Settings > Extensions > Tanzu Developer Tools.

Deploy a Workload to the Cluster

Follow these steps to deploy the workload for an app to a cluster, making live hovers appear. The examples in some steps reference the sample tanzu-java-web-app.

  1. Clone the repository by running:


    Where REPOSITORY-ADDRESS is your repository address. For example,

  2. Open the project in VS Code, with the Live Hover feature enabled, by running:


    Where PROJECT-DIRECTORY is your project directory. For example, ./tanzu-java-web-app.

  3. Verify that you are targeting the cluster on which you want to run the workload by running:

    kubectl cluster-info

    For example:

    $ kubectl cluster-info
    Kubernetes control plane is running at https://...
    CoreDNS is running at https://...
    To further debug and diagnose cluster problems, use 'kubectl cluster-info dump'.

    Tanzu Developer Tools for VS Code periodically connects to your cluster to search for pods from which live data can be extracted and shown. Tanzu Developer Tools for VS Code uses your current context from ~/.kube/config to choose which cluster to connect with.

  4. If you don’t have the workload running yet, run Tanzu: Apply Workload from the Command Palette. Tanzu Developer Tools for VS Code periodically searches for pods in your cluster that correspond to the workload configurations it finds in your workspace.

  5. The workload takes time to build and then start a running pod. To see if a pod has started running, run:

    kubectl get pods

    For example:

    $ kubectl get pods
    NAME                                                   READY   STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
    tanzu-java-web-app-00001-deployment-8596bfd9b4-5vgx2   2/2     Running     0          20s
    tanzu-java-web-app-build-1-build-pod                   0/1     Completed   0          2m26s
    tanzu-java-web-app-config-writer-fpnzb-pod             0/1     Completed   0          67s

    In this example, live data can be extracted from the ...-0001-deployment-... pod.

  6. Open a Java file, such as After a delay of up to 30 seconds, because of a 30-second polling loop, green highlights appear in your code. Live Hover example showing @RestController and @RequestMapping in the code highlighted in green.

  7. Hover over any of the bubbles to see live information about the corresponding element.

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