Set up authentication for Tanzu Application Platform

There are multiple ways to set up authentication for your Tanzu Application Platform deployment. You can manage authentication at the infrastructure level with your Kubernetes provider, such as Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, EKS, AKS, or GKE.

VMware recommends Pinniped for integrating your identity management into Tanzu Application Platform on multicloud. It provides many supported integrations for widely used identity providers. To use Pinniped, see Installing Pinniped on Tanzu Application Platform and Logging in using Pinniped.

See Integrating Azure Active Directory for Azure Active Directory Integration

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

For Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters, Pinniped is the default identity solution and is installed as a core package. For more information, see Core Packages and Enable Identity Management in an Existing Deployment in the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid documentation.

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