Tanzu apps workload delete

This topic helps you delete one or more workloads by name or all workloads within a namespace.

Deleting a workload prevents new builds while preserving built images in the registry.

tanzu apps workload delete <name(s)> [flags]


tanzu apps workload delete my-workload
tanzu apps workload delete --all


      --all                     delete all workloads within the namespace
  -f, --file file path          file path containing the description of a single workload; other flags are layered on top of this resource. Use value "-" to read from stdin
  -h, --help                    help for delete
  -n, --namespace name          kubernetes namespace (defaulted from kube config)
      --wait                    waits for workload to be deleted
      --wait-timeout duration   timeout for workload to be deleted when waiting (default 1m0s)
  -y, --yes                     accept all prompts

Options inherited from parent commands

      --context name      name of the kubeconfig context to use (default is current-context defined by kubeconfig)
      --kubeconfig file   kubeconfig file (default is $HOME/.kube/config)
      --no-color          deactivate color output in terminals
  -v, --verbose int32     number for the log level verbosity (default 1)

See also

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