Tanzu apps workload tail

This topic will help you to watch workload related logs.

You can stream logs for a workload until canceled. To cancel, press Ctl-c in the shell or stop the process. As new workload pods are started, the logs are displayed. To show historical logs use –since.

tanzu apps workload tail <name> [flags]


tanzu apps workload tail my-workload
tanzu apps workload tail my-workload --since 1h


      --component name   workload component name (e.g. build)
  -h, --help             help for tail
  -n, --namespace name   kubernetes namespace (defaulted from kube config)
      --since duration   time duration to start reading logs from (default 1s)
  -t, --timestamp        print timestamp for each log line

Options inherited from parent commands

      --context name      name of the kubeconfig context to use (default is current-context defined by kubeconfig)
      --kubeconfig file   kubeconfig file (default is $HOME/.kube/config)
      --no-color          deactivate color output in terminals
  -v, --verbose int32     number for the log level verbosity (default 1)

See also

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