Install Apps CLI plug-in

This topic tells you how to install the Apps CLI plug-in on Tanzu Application Platform (commonly known as TAP).


Follow the steps in this topic if you do not want to use a profile to install Apps CLI plug-in. For more information about profiles, see About Tanzu Application Platform components and profiles.


Before you install the Apps CLI plug-in:


From VMWare Tanzu Network

To install the Apps CLI plug-in:

  1. From the $HOME/tanzu directory, run:

    tanzu plugin install --local ./cli apps
  2. To verify that the CLI is installed correctly, run:

    tanzu apps version

    A version is displayed in the output.

From Release

The latest release is found in the repository release page. Each of these releases has the Assets section where the packages for each system-architecture are placed.

To install the Apps CLI plug-in:

Download the executable file tanzu-apps-plugin-{OS_ARCH}-{version}.tar.gz

Run these commands(for example for macOS and plugin version v0.7.0)

tar -xvf tanzu-apps-plugin-darwin-amd64-v0.7.0.tar.gz
tanzu plugin install apps --local ./tanzu-apps-plugin-darwin-amd64-v0.7.0 --version v0.7.0
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