Application Accelerator

Developers can create applications and get started with feature development immediately with the help of application accelerators. Application accelerators are templates that not only codify best practices but also provide important configuration and structures ready and available for use.

Enterprise Architects use Application Accelerator to create application accelerators, which provide developers and admins in their organization with ready-made, enterprise-conformant code and configurations. Accelerators contain complete and runnable application code and deployment configurations. They also contain metadata for altering the code and deployment configurations based on input values provided for specific options defined in the accelerator metadata.

Working with accelerators

The Application Accelerator plug-in of the Tanzu Application Platform GUI helps you to discover accelerators and to enter additional information used for processing the files before downloading. As of Tanzu Application Platform v1.2, developers can also discover and work on accelerators right in Visual Studio Code with the Tanzu Application Accelerator for VS Code extension. Developers can use the list, get, and generate commands for using accelerators available in an Application Accelerator server.

Admins use create, update, and delete commands for managing accelerators in a Kubernetes context. When admins want to use get and list commands, they can specify the –from-context flag to access accelerators in a Kubernetes context.

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