Install Tanzu Application Platform Iterate profile

This topic tells you how to install Iterate profile cluster by using a reduced values file.

The following is the YAML file sample for the iterate-profile:

profile: iterate

  ingress_domain: "INGRESS-DOMAIN"
  kubernetes_distribution: "openshift" # To be passed only for OpenShift. Defaults to "".
    project_path: "SERVER-NAME/REPO-NAME" # To be used by Build Service by appending "/buildservice" and used by Supply chain by appending "/workloads"
  ca_cert_data: | # To be passed if using custom certificates

ceip_policy_disclosed: FALSE-OR-TRUE-VALUE # Installation fails if this is not set to true. Not a string.

# The above shared keys may be overridden in the below section.

buildservice: # Optional if the corresponding shared keys are provided.
  kp_default_repository: "KP-DEFAULT-REPO"
  kp_default_repository_username: "KP-DEFAULT-REPO-USERNAME"
  kp_default_repository_password: "KP-DEFAULT-REPO-PASSWORD"

supply_chain: basic
ootb_supply_chain_basic: # Optional if the shared above mentioned shared keys are provided.
    server: "SERVER-NAME"
    repository: "REPO-NAME"
    ssh_secret: "SSH-SECRET-KEY" # (Optional) Defaults to "".

  allow_unmatched_tags: true

      type: LoadBalancer # (Optional) Defaults to LoadBalancer.

  domain_name: "TAP-ITERATE-CNRS-DOMAIN" # Optional if the shared.ingress_domain is provided.

    sslDisabled: TRUE-OR-FALSE-VALUE
    ingressEnabled: true
    host: appliveview.VIEW-CLUSTER-INGRESS-DOMAIN


  • KP-DEFAULT-REPO is a writable repository in your registry. Tanzu Build Service dependencies are written to this location. Examples:
    • Harbor has the form kp_default_repository: "".
    • Docker Hub has the form kp_default_repository: "my-dockerhub-user/build-service" or kp_default_repository: "".
    • Google Cloud Registry has the form kp_default_repository: "".
  • KP-DEFAULT-REPO-USERNAME is the user name that can write to KP-DEFAULT-REPO. You can docker push to this location with this credential.
    • For Google Cloud Registry, use kp_default_repository_username: _json_key.
  • KP-DEFAULT-REPO-PASSWORD is the password for the user that can write to KP-DEFAULT-REPO. You can docker push to this location with this credential. This credential can also be configured by using a Secret reference. For more information, see Install Tanzu Build Service for details.
    • For Google Cloud Registry, use the contents of the service account JSON file.
  • SERVER-NAME is the host name of the registry server. Examples:
    • Harbor has the form server: "".
    • Docker Hub has the form server: "".
    • Google Cloud Registry has the form server: "".
  • REPO-NAME is where workload images are stored in the registry. Images are written to SERVER-NAME/REPO-NAME/workload-name. Examples:
    • Harbor has the form repository: "my-project/supply-chain".
    • Docker Hub has the form repository: "my-dockerhub-user".
    • Google Cloud Registry has the form repository: "my-project/supply-chain".
  • SSH-SECRET-KEY is the SSH secret key in the developer namespace for the supply chain to fetch source code from and push configuration to. See Git authentication for more information.
  • TAP-ITERATE-CNRS-DOMAIN is the iterate cluster CNRS domain.
  • VIEW-CLUSTER-INGRESS-DOMAIN is the subdomain you setup on the View profile cluster. This matches the value key appliveview.ingressDomain or shared.ingress_domain on the view cluster. Include the default host name appliveview. ahead of the domain.

If you use custom CA certificates, you must provide one or more PEM-encoded CA certificates under the ca_cert_data key. If you configured shared.ca_cert_data, Tanzu Application Platform component packages inherit that value by default.

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