Install Out of the Box Templates

This document describes how to install Out of the Box Templates from the Tanzu Application Platform package repository.


Follow the steps in this topic if you do not want to use a profile to install Out of the Box Templates. For more information about profiles, see About Tanzu Application Platform components and profiles.

The Out of the Box Templates package is used by all the Out of the Box Supply Chains to provide the templates that are used by the Supply Chains to create the objects that drive source code all the way to a deployed application in a cluster.


Before installing Out of the Box Templates:


To install Out of the Box Templates:

  1. View the configurable values of the package by running:

    tanzu package available get \
      --values-schema \
      -n tap-install

    For example:

    KEY                  DEFAULT  TYPE    DESCRIPTION
    excluded_templates   []       array   List of templates to exclude from the
                                          installation (e.g. ['git-writer'])
  2. Create a file named ootb-templates.yaml that specifies the corresponding values to the properties you want to change.

    For example, the contents of the file might look like this:

    excluded_templates: []
  3. After the configuration is ready, install the package by running:

    tanzu package install ootb-templates \
      --package-name \
      --version 0.7.0 \
      --namespace tap-install \
      --values-file ootb-templates-values.yaml

    Example output:

    \ Installing package ''
    | Getting package metadata for ''
    | Creating service account 'ootb-templates-tap-install-sa'
    | Creating cluster admin role 'ootb-templates-tap-install-cluster-role'
    | Creating cluster role binding 'ootb-templates-tap-install-cluster-rolebinding'
    | Creating secret 'ootb-templates-tap-install-values'
    | Creating package resource
    - Waiting for 'PackageInstall' reconciliation for 'ootb-templates'
    / 'PackageInstall' resource install status: Reconciling
     Added installed package 'ootb-templates' in namespace 'tap-install'
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