View possible configuration settings for your package

To view possible configuration settings for a package, run:

tanzu package available get$TAP_VERSION --values-schema --namespace tap-install

The package does not show all configuration settings for packages it plans to install. The package only shows top-level keys. You can view individual package configuration settings with the same tanzu package available get command. For example, use tanzu package available get -n tap-install$TAP_VERSION --values-schema for Cloud Native Runtimes.

profile: full

# ...

# For example, CNRs specific values go under its name
  provider: local

# For example, App Accelerator specific values go under its name
    service_type: "ClusterIP"

The following table summarizes the top-level keys used for package-specific configuration within your tap-values.yaml.

Package Top-level Key
see table below shared
API Auto Registration api_auto_registration
API portal api_portal
Application Accelerator accelerator
Application Live View appliveview
Application Live View Connector appliveview_connector
Application Live View Conventions appliveview-conventions
Cartographer cartographer
Cloud Native Runtimes cnrs
Convention controller convention_controller
Source Controller source_controller
Supply Chain supply_chain
Supply Chain Basic ootb_supply_chain_basic
Supply Chain Testing ootb_supply_chain_testing
Supply Chain Testing Scanning ootb_supply_chain_testing_scanning
Supply Chain Security Tools - Scan scanning
Supply Chain Security Tools - Scan (Grype Scanner) grype
Supply Chain Security Tools - Store metadata_store
Image Policy Webhook image_policy_webhook
Build Service buildservice
Tanzu Application Platform GUI tap_gui
Learning Center learningcenter

Shared Keys define values that configure multiple packages. These keys are defined under the shared Top-level Key, as summarized in the following table:

Shared Key Used By Description
ca_cert_data convention_controller, source_controller Optional: PEM Encoded certificate data to trust TLS connections with a private CA.

For information about package-specific configuration, see Install individual packages.

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