Tanzu accelerator generate-from-local

Generate a project from local files and registered accelerators or fragments.


Use local files and registered accelerators or fragments to create a project, and download the project artifacts as ZIP files.

Options values are provided as a JSON object and match the declared options that are specified for the accelerator used for the generation. The options can include projectName which by default is set to the name of the accelerator. This projectName is used as the name of the generated ZIP file.

Here is an example of an options JSON string that specifies the projectName and an includeKubernetes Boolean flag:

--options '{"projectName":"test", "includeKubernetes": true}'

You can also provide a file that specifies the JSON string using the --options-file flag.

The generate-from-local command needs access to the Application Accelerator server. You can specify the --server-url flag or set an ACC_SERVER_URL environment variable. If you specify the --server-url flag it overrides the ACC_SERVER_URL environment variable if it is set.


Generate a project using a combination of local and registered assets

tanzu accelerator generate-from-local \
--accelerator-path java-rest=workspace/java-rest \ # Use a local accelerator
--fragment-paths java-version=workspace/version \ # Use a local fragment
--fragment-names tap-workload \ # Use a registered fragment
--options '{"projectName":"test"}' \
--output-dir "./generated-java-rest-app"


    --accelerator-name string             name of the registered accelerator to use
    --accelerator-path "key=value" pair   key value pair of the name and path to the directory containing the accelerator
-f, --force                               force clean and rewrite of output-dir
    --fragment-names strings              names of the registered fragments to use
    --fragment-paths stringToString       key value pairs of the name and path to the directory containing each fragment (default [])
-h, --help                                help for generate-from-local
    --options string                      options JSON string (default "{}")
    --options-file string                 path to file containing options JSON string
-o, --output-dir string                   the directory that the project will be created in (defaults to the project name)
    --server-url string                   the URL for the Application Accelerator server

Options inherited from parent commands

    --context name      name of the kubeconfig context to use (default is current-context defined by kubeconfig)
    --kubeconfig file   kubeconfig file (default is $HOME/.kube/config)
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