External Secrets Operator (alpha)


External Secrets Operator is currently in alpha and is intended for evaluation and test purposes only. Do not use in a production environment.

The External Secrets Operator is a Kubernetes operator that integrates with external secret management systems, for example Google Secrets Manager and Hashicorp Vault. It reads information from external APIs and automatically injects the values into a Kubernetes secret.

Starting with Tanzu Application Platform 1.4.0, Tanzu Application Platform repackages this open source Kubernetes operator into a Carvel bundle that ships with Tanzu Application Platform.

Tanzu Application Platform’s External Secrets package is alpha software and does not constitute an entire solution. VMware expects later Tanzu Application Platform releases to have a more comprehensive secret management solution. Tanzu Application Platform 1.4.0 packages External Secrets Operator 0.6.1.

Installing the External Secrets Operator

Tanzu Application Platform packages a version of the External Secrets Operator that can be installed in the tap-install namespace. The External Secrets Operator is an optional Tanzu Application Platform component. It does not come installed with any of the default Tanzu Application Platform profiles.


tanzu package install external-secrets \
  --package-name external-secrets.apps.tanzu.vmware.com \
  --version "$ESO_VERSION" \
  --namespace "$TAP_NAMESPACE"

Using the External Secrets Operator

Further instructions and guides for how to use the External Secrets Operator can be found on the External Secrets Operator site.

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