Accept Tanzu Application Platform EULAs and installing Tanzu CLI

This topic describes how to:

Accept the End User License Agreements

Before downloading and installing Tanzu Application Platform packages, you must accept the End User License Agreements (EULAs) as follows:

  1. Sign in to VMware Tanzu Network.

  2. Accept or confirm that you have accepted the EULAs for each of the following:

Example of accepting the Tanzu Application Platform EULA

To accept the Tanzu Application Platform EULA:

  1. Go to Tanzu Application Platform.

  2. Select the Click here to sign the EULA link in the yellow warning box under the release drop-down menu. If the yellow warning box is not visible, the EULA has already been accepted.

    Screenshot of a VMware Tanzu Network download page with notice stating user must sign EULA before downloading.

  3. Select Agree in the bottom-right of the dialog box as seen in the following screenshot.

    Screenshot of a dialog box inviting the reader to accept the EULA. The Agree button is framed.

Set the Kubernetes cluster context

For information about the supported Kubernetes cluster providers and versions, see Kubernetes cluster requirements.

To set the Kubernetes cluster context:

  1. List the existing contexts by running:

    kubectl config get-contexts

    For example:

    $ kubectl config get-contexts
    CURRENT   NAME                                CLUSTER           AUTHINFO                                NAMESPACE
            aks-repo-trial                      aks-repo-trial    clusterUser_aks-rg-01_aks-repo-trial
    *       aks-tap-cluster                     aks-tap-cluster   clusterUser_aks-rg-01_aks-tap-cluster
  2. If you are managing multiple cluster contexts, set the context to the cluster that you want to use for the Tanzu Application Platform packages installation by running:

    kubectl config use-context CONTEXT

    Where CONTEXT is the cluster that you want to use. For example, aks-tap-cluster.

    For example:

    $ kubectl config use-context aks-tap-cluster
    Switched to context "aks-tap-cluster".

Install or update the Tanzu CLI and plug-ins

You use the Tanzu CLI and plug-ins to install and use the Tanzu Application Platform functions and features.


Follow the steps in this topic if you do not want to use a profile to install the Tanzu CLI and plug-ins. For more information about profiles, see About Tanzu Application Platform components and profiles.

To install the Tanzu CLI and plug-ins:

  1. Sign in to VMware Tanzu Network.
  2. Go to the Tanzu Application Platform product page.
  3. Select Release 1.4.2 from the release drop-down menu.
  4. Click tanzu-cli-tap-1.4.2 to list the Tanzu framework bundles.
  5. Click and download the Tanzu framework bundle for your operating system.
  6. (Optional) If an earlier upgrade attempt failed, you can uninstall the previous version of the Tanzu CLI and associated plug-ins and files. For more information, see Remove Tanzu CLI, plug-ins, and associated files.

For Windows installation instructions, see Install Tanzu CLI: Windows.

Install Tanzu CLI: Linux or macOS

  1. Create a $HOME/tanzu directory on your local machine.
  2. Unpack the downloaded TAR file into the $HOME/tanzu directory by running:

    • For Linux:

      tar -xvf tanzu-framework-linux-amd64-v0.25.4.5.tar -C $HOME/tanzu
    • For macOS:

      tar -xvf tanzu-framework-darwin-amd64-v0.25.4.5.tar -C $HOME/tanzu
  3. Set the environment variable TANZU_CLI_NO_INIT to true to ensure that the local downloaded versions of the CLI core and plug-ins are installed by running:

    export TANZU_CLI_NO_INIT=true
  4. Install or update the CLI core by running:


    Replace v0.25.4 with the version you downloaded, which is found by inspecting the directory name under $HOME/tanzu/cli/core/.
    For example, if the directory name under $HOME/tanzu/cli/core/ is v0.26.0, set the following VERSION to v0.26.0.

    • For Linux:

      cd $HOME/tanzu
      export VERSION=v0.25.4
      sudo install cli/core/$VERSION/tanzu-core-linux_amd64 /usr/local/bin/tanzu
    • For macOS:

      cd $HOME/tanzu
      export VERSION=v0.25.4
      install cli/core/$VERSION/tanzu-core-darwin_amd64 /usr/local/bin/tanzu
  5. Confirm the installation by running:

    tanzu version

    The outcome is similar to:

    version: v0.25.4
  6. (Optional) Enable tab completion. Follow the shell-specific instructions from completion help:

    tanzu completion --help

Proceed to Install/Update Tanzu CLI plug-ins.

Install Tanzu CLI: Windows

  1. Open the Windows file browser.

  2. Create a Program Files\tanzu directory on your local machine.

  3. From the Downloads directory, right-click the file, select the Extract All… menu item, enter C:\Program files\tanzu in the Files are extracted to this directory: text box, and click the Extract.

  4. From the Program Files\tanzu directory, move and rename the executable file from:

    Program Files\tanzu\cli\core\v0.25.4\tanzu-core-windows_amd64.exe


    Program Files\tanzu\tanzu.exe
  5. From the Program Files directory, right-click the tanzu directory and select Properties > Security.

  6. Ensure that your user account has the Full Control permission.

  7. Use Windows Search to search for env, select Edit the system environment variables, click Environment Variables on the bottom right of the dialog box.

  8. Find and select the Path row under System variables, click Edit.

  9. Click New, enter the path value, click OK.

    Note: The path value must not include tanzu.exe. For example, C:\Program Files\tanzu.

  10. Click New following the System Variables section, add a new environmental variable named TANZU_CLI_NO_INIT with a variable value true, click OK.

  11. Use Windows Search to search for cmd, select Command Prompt to open the command line terminal.

  12. Verify the Tanzu CLI installation by running:

    tanzu version

    Expected outcome:

    version: v0.25.4
  13. Proceed to Install/Update Tanzu CLI plug-ins

Install/Update Tanzu CLI plug-ins

To install or update Tanzu CLI plug-ins from your terminal, follow these steps:

  1. Install plug-ins from the $HOME/tanzu directory (if on Linux or macOS) or Program Files\tanzu directory (if on Windows) by running:

    tanzu plugin install --local cli all
  2. Verify that you installed the plug-ins by running:

    tanzu plugin list

    Expected outcome:

    NAME                DESCRIPTION                                                                       SCOPE       DISCOVERY  VERSION        STATUS
      login               Log in to the platform                                                             Standalone  default    v0.25.0        not installed
      management-cluster  Kubernetes management-cluster operations                                          Standalone  default    v0.25.0        not installed
      package             Tanzu package management                                                          Standalone  default    v0.11.6        update available
      pinniped-auth       Pinniped authentication operations (usually not directly invoked)                 Standalone  default    v0.25.0        not installed
      secret              Tanzu secret management                                                           Standalone  default    v0.11.6        update available
      telemetry           Configure cluster-wide telemetry settings                                         Standalone  default    v0.25.0        not installed
      apps                Applications on Kubernetes                                                        Standalone             v0.7.0         installed
      builder             Build Tanzu components                                                            Standalone             v0.25.0        installed
      external-secrets    interacts with resources                                      Standalone             v0.0.1         installed
      insight             post & query image, package, source, and vulnerability data                       Standalone             v1.2.2         installed
      rbac                The rbac plug-in allows the tap platform operator to add or remove subjects from   Standalone             v1.0.1-beta.1  installed
                          a tap default user role with in a namespace.
      services            Explore Service Instance Classes, discover claimable Service Instances and        Standalone             v0.3.0         installed
                          manage Resource Claims
      accelerator         Manage accelerators in a Kubernetes cluster                                       Standalone             v1.2.0         installed

Next steps

For online installation:

For air-gapped installation:

* When you use a VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster, you do not need to install Cluster Essentials because the contents of Cluster Essentials are already installed on your cluster.

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