Namespace Provisioner

Namespace Provisioner provides a secure, automated way for platform operators to provision namespaces with the resources and proper namespace-level privileges required for their workloads to function as intended. It enables you to add additional customized namespace-scoped resources to meet your organization’s requirements.

Namespace Provisioner enables operators that are new to Kubernetes to automate the provisioning of multiple developer namespaces in a shared cluster. For organizations that have already adopted Kubernetes, Namespace Provisioner is also compatible with existing Kubernetes tooling.

Component Overview

The following diagram shows the components that are installed as part of the Namespace Provisioner package and how they work together to automate resource creation in developer namespaces:

Diagram of how Namespace Provisioner components work together to automate resource creation in developer namespaces.

Provisioner Carvel Application

Diagram of Carvel provisioner application showing overview and components.

Namespace Provisioner consists of a Carvel application named provisioner that is installed in the tap-namespace-provisioning namespace. The provisioner application uses ytt to templatize a set of resources into installations in multiple namespaces. The provisioner application references a ConfigMap and a secret.

Desired Namespaces ConfigMap

Diagram showing how the desired-namespaces ConfigMap provides a declarative way to indicate which namespaces should be populated with resources.

The desired-namespaces ConfigMap in the tap-namespace-provisioning namespace provides a declarative way to indicate which namespaces should be populated with resources. The ConfigMap consists of a list of namespace objects, with a required name parameter, and optional additional parameters which are used as data.values for customizing defined resources. Manage the ConfigMap directly with GitOps, or the Namespace Provisioner Controller.


apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: desired-namespaces
  namespace: tap-namespace-provisioning
  annotations: fallback-on-update "" #! This annotation tells the provisioner app to not override this configMap as this is your desired state.
  namespaces.yaml: |
    - name: dev-ns1
      # additional parameters about dev-ns1 in the object...
    - name: dev-ns2
      # additional parameters about dev-ns2 in the object...

Namespace Provisioner Controller

If you prefer to have the desired-namespaces ConfigMap automatically managed by a controller on the cluster, use the Namespace Provisioner controller. It is installed as part of Namespace Provisioner. It watches namespaces in the cluster and updates the desired-namespaces ConfigMap in the tap-namespace-provisioning namespace with a list of namespaces that match the namespace_selector label selector in tap-values.yaml. The default label selector is configurable in tap-values.yaml.

Default Resources Secret

The default-resources secret is templated by tap-values.yaml to contain the appropriate resources for the given profile, set of supply chains installed, and other similar values. For the full list of resources that are created for different profiles, see Default resources mapping.

Expansion Template ConfigMap

The expansion-template ConfigMap contains the ytt logic to expand the resources defined in the following locations into each of the namespaces listed in the desired-namespaces ConfigMap:

  • Default-resources secret
  • additional_sources in the namespace-provisioner config in the tap-values.yaml file
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