Namespace Provisioner Reference Guide

This topic describes known limitations and default resource mapping.

Known Limitations/Issues

  • If there is a namespace in your GitOp’s repository desired-namespaces ConfigMap that does not exist on the cluster, the provisioner application fails to reconcile and cannot create resources.
  • The creation of the namespaces is out of scope for Namespace Provisioner.
  • Removing the Namespace Provisioner package removes all the components created by it.
  • Before uninstalling the Namespace Provisioner, you must:
  • The namespace selector label to provision resources cannot be applied to the developer namespace which is configured at deployment time under the Grype package values as it causes the provisioner application to crash due to ownership issues.

Default resources mapping

Namespace Provisioner is installed as part of the standard installation profiles (i.e. Full, Iterate, Build, and Run) and the default set of resources provisioned in a namespace is based on a combination of the installation profile employed and the supply chain that is installed on the cluster. The following table shows the list of resources that are templated in the default-resources Secret for an installation profile and supply chain value combination:

Namespace Kind Name supply_chain Install Profile Reconcile
tap-install PackageInstall grype-scanner-{ns} testing_scanning full, build Yes
tap-install Secret grype-scanner-{ns} testing_scanning full, build Yes
Developer Namespace Secret registries-credentials n/a full, iterate, build, run Yes
Developer Namespace ServiceAccount From: ootb_supply_chain_{supply_chain}.service_account (default: “default”) n/a full, iterate, build, run No
Developer Namespace ServiceAccount From: ootb_delivery_basic.service_account (default: “default”) n/a full, iterate, run No
Developer Namespace RoleBinding default-permit-deliverable n/a full, iterate, run Yes
Developer Namespace RoleBinding default-permit-workload n/a full, iterate, build Yes

Note For Install OOTB Supply Chain with Testing and Scanning, see Extending the default provisioned resources.

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