Custom certificate configuration for Supply Chain Security Tools - Store

This topic describes how you can configure the following certificates for Supply Chain Security Tools (SCST) - Store:

  1. Default configuration
  2. Custom certificate

Default configuration

By default, SCST - Store creates a self-signed certificate and TLS communication is automatically enabled.

If ingress support is enabled, SCST - Store installation creates an HTTPProxy entry with host routing by using the qualified name metadata-store.<ingress_domain>. For example, The created route supports HTTPS communication using the self-signed certificate with the same subject Alternative Name.

(Optional) Setting up custom ingress TLS certificate

(Optional) Users can configure TLS to use a custom certificate. To do that:

  1. Place the certificates in the secret.
  2. Edit the tap-values.yaml to use this secret.

Place the certificates in secret

  1. Create the certificate secret before deploying SCST - Store.
  2. Create a Kubernetes object with kind Secret and type

Update tap-values.yaml

  1. In the tap-values.yaml file, you can configure the metadata store to use the namespace and secretName from the secret created in the last step.
    namespace: "namespace"
    secretName: "secretName"


  • namespace is the targeted namespace for secret consumption by the HTTPProxy.
  • secretName is the name of secret for consumption by the HTTPProxy.

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