Ingress certificates

By default, Tanzu Application Platform installs and uses a self-signed CA for issuing TLS certificates to components for the purpose of securing ingress communication.

The ingress issuer is a self-signed and is provided by Tanzu Application Platform’s cert-manager package. Its default name is tap-ingress-selfsigned.

To understand how each component uses the ingress issuer, see Component documentation.

As of v1.4.0, not all components use the ingress issuer. For an overview of the components that participate, see the Release notes.

Replacing the default ingress issuer

Tanzu Application Platform’s default ingress issuer can be replaced by any other

To replace the default ingress issuer, create a ClusterIssuer and set shared.ingress_issuer to the name of the issuer. After the configuration is applied, components eventually obtain certificates from the new issuer and serve them.

Tanzu Application Platform’scert-manager package must be present for the ClusterIssuer API to be available. This means you can only provide your own ClusterIssuer after the initial installation. You can, however, reference your issuer in the initial installation.

For example, to use Let’s Encrypts production API to issue TLS certificates:

  1. Update and apply Tanzu Application Platform’s installation values such that shared.ingress_issuer denotes the bespoke issuer:

    #! my-tap-values.yaml
    #! ...
      ingress_issuer: letsencrypt-production
    #! ...
  2. Create a ClusterIssuer for Let’s Encrypts production API:

    kind: ClusterIssuer
      name: letsencrypt-production
          name: letsencrypt-production
          - http01:
                class: contour

    Let's Encrypts production API has rate limits.

For more information about the possible configurations of ClusterIssuer, see cert-manager documentation.

Deactivating TLS for ingress

Although VMware discourages this, you can deactivate the ingress issuer by setting shared.ingress_issuer: "". As a result, components consider TLS for ingress to be deactivated.

Overriding TLS for components

You can override TLS settings for each component. In your Tanzu Application Platform installation values, set the component’s values that you want, and they take precedence over shared values. See components to understand its settings for ingress and TLS.

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