Set up a Tanzu Application Platform GUI authentication provider

Tanzu Application Platform GUI extends the current Backstage’s authentication plug-in so that you can see a login page based on the authentication providers configured at installation. This feature is a work in progress. It currently supports the following authentication providers as standard:

Configure an authentication provider

Configure a supported authentication provider or a custom OpenID Connect (OIDC) provider:

  • To configure a supported authentication provider, see the Backstage authentication documentation.

  • To configure a custom OpenID Connect (OIDC) provider, edit your tap-values.yaml file or your custom configuration file to include an OIDC authentication provider. Configure the OIDC provider with your OAuth App values. For example:

    ingress_domain: "INGRESS-DOMAIN"
    # ... any existing values
    # ... any other TAP GUI values
        environment: development
          secret: custom session secret
              metadataUrl: AUTH-OIDC-METADATA-URL
              clientId: AUTH-OIDC-CLIENT-ID
              clientSecret: AUTH-OIDC-CLIENT-SECRET
              tokenSignedResponseAlg: AUTH-OIDC-TOKEN-SIGNED-RESPONSE-ALG # default='RS256'
              scope: AUTH-OIDC-SCOPE # default='openid profile email'
              prompt: auto # default=none (allowed values: auto, none, consent, login)

    Where AUTH-OIDC-METADATA-URL is a JSON file with generic OIDC provider configuration. It contains authorizationUrl and tokenUrl. Tanzu Application Platform GUI reads these values from metadataUrl, so you must not specify these values explicitly in the earlier authentication configuration.

    You must also the provide the redirect URI of the Tanzu Application Platform GUI instance to your identity provider. The redirect URI is sometimes called the redirect URL, the callback URL, or the callback URI. The redirect URI takes the following form:



    • SCHEME is the URI scheme, most commonly http or https
    • INGRESS-DOMAIN is the host name you selected for your Tanzu Application Platform GUI instance

    When using https and as examples for the two placeholders respectively, the redirect URI reads as follows:

    For more information, see this example in GitHub.

(Optional) Allow guest access

Enable guest access with other providers by adding the following flag under your authentication configuration:

  allowGuestAccess: true

(Optional) Customize the login page

Change the card’s title or description for a specific provider with the following configuration:

  environment: development
    ... # auth providers config
      title: Github Login
      message: Enter with your GitHub account

For a provider to appear on the login page, ensure it is properly configured under the auth.providers section of your values file.

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