Troubleshoot installing Tanzu Application Platform

This topic tells you how to troubleshoot installing Tanzu Application Platform (commonly known as TAP).

Developer cannot be verified when installing Tanzu CLI on macOS

You see the following error when you run Tanzu CLI commands, for example tanzu version, on macOS:

"tanzu" cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified


Security settings are preventing installation.


To resolve this issue:

  1. Click Cancel in the macOS prompt window.

  2. Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

  3. Click General.

  4. Next to the warning message for the Tanzu binary, click Allow Anyway.

  5. Enter your system username and password in the macOS prompt window to confirm the changes.

  6. In the terminal window, run:

    tanzu version
  7. In the macOS prompt window, click Open.

Access .status.usefulErrorMessage details

When installing Tanzu Application Platform, you receive an error message that includes the following:

(message: Error (see .status.usefulErrorMessage for details))


A package fails to reconcile and you must access the details in .status.usefulErrorMessage.


Access the details in .status.usefulErrorMessage by running:

kubectl get packageinstall PACKAGE-NAME -n tap-install -o yaml

Where PACKAGE-NAME is the name of the package to target.

“Unauthorized to access” error

When running the tanzu package install command, you receive an error message that includes the error:

UNAUTHORIZED: unauthorized to access repository


$ tanzu package install app-live-view -p -v 0.1.0 -n tap-install -f ./app-live-view.yml

Error: package reconciliation failed: vendir: Error: Syncing directory '0':
  Syncing directory '.' with imgpkgBundle contents:
    Imgpkg: exit status 1 (stderr: Error: Checking if image is bundle: Collecting images: Working with GET UNAUTHORIZED: unauthorized to access repository: app-live-view/application-live-view-install-bundle, action: pull: unauthorized to access repository: app-live-view/application-live-view-install-bundle, action: pull

This example shows an error received when with Application Live View as the package. This error can also occur with other packages.


The Tanzu Network credentials needed to access the package may be missing or incorrect.


To resolve this issue:

  1. Repeat the step to create a secret for the namespace. For instructions, see Add the Tanzu Application Platform Package Repository in Installing the Tanzu Application Platform Package and Profiles. Ensure that you provide the correct credentials.

    When the secret has the correct credentials, the authentication error should resolve itself and the reconciliation succeed. Do not reinstall the package.

  2. List the status of the installed packages to confirm that the reconcile has succeeded. For instructions, see Verify the Installed Packages in Installing Individual Packages.

“Serviceaccounts already exists” error

When running the tanzu package install command, you receive the following error:

failed to create ServiceAccount resource: serviceaccounts already exists


$ tanzu package install app-accelerator -p -v 0.2.0 -n tap-install -f app-accelerator-values.yaml

Error: failed to create ServiceAccount resource: serviceaccounts "app-accelerator-tap-install-sa" already exists

This example shows an error received with App Accelerator as the package. This error can also occur with other packages.


The tanzu package install command may be executed again after failing.


To update the package, run the following command after the first use of the tanzu package install command

tanzu package installed update

After package installation, one or more packages fails to reconcile

You run the tanzu package install command and one or more packages fails to install. For example:

tanzu package install tap -p -v 0.4.0 --values-file tap-values.yaml -n tap-install
- Installing package ''
\ Getting package metadata for ''
| Creating service account 'tap-tap-install-sa'
/ Creating cluster admin role 'tap-tap-install-cluster-role'
| Creating cluster role binding 'tap-tap-install-cluster-rolebinding'
| Creating secret 'tap-tap-install-values'
| Creating package resource
- Waiting for 'PackageInstall' reconciliation for 'tap'
/ 'PackageInstall' resource install status: Reconciling
| 'PackageInstall' resource install status: ReconcileFailed

Please consider using 'tanzu package installed update' to update the installed package with correct settings

Error: resource reconciliation failed: kapp: Error: waiting on reconcile packageinstall/tap-gui ( namespace: tap-install:
  Finished unsuccessfully (Reconcile failed:  (message: Error (see .status.usefulErrorMessage for details))). Reconcile failed: Error (see .status.usefulErrorMessage for details)
Error: exit status 1


Often, the cause is one of the following:

  • Your infrastructure provider takes longer to perform tasks than the timeout value allows.
  • A race-condition between components exists. For example, a package that uses Ingress completes before the shared Tanzu ingress controller becomes available.

The VMware Carvel tools kapp-controller continues to try in a reconciliation loop in these cases. However, if the reconciliation status is failed then there might be a configuration issue in the provided tap-config.yml file.


  1. Verify if the installation is still in progress by running:

    tanzu package installed list -A

    If the installation is still in progress, the command produces output similar to the following example, and the installation is likely to finish successfully.

    \ Retrieving installed packages...
      NAME                      PACKAGE-NAME                                       PACKAGE-VERSION  STATUS               NAMESPACE
      accelerator                       1.0.0            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      api-portal                              1.0.6            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      appliveview                        1.0.0-build.3    Reconciling          tap-install
      appliveview-conventions                 1.0.0-build.3    Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      buildservice                          1.4.0-build.1    Reconciling          tap-install
      cartographer                          0.1.0            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      cert-manager                          1.5.3+tap.1      Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      cnrs                                          1.1.0            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      contour                                    1.18.2+tap.1     Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      conventions-controller       0.4.2            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      developer-conventions             0.4.0-build1     Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      fluxcd-source-controller          0.16.0           Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      grype                          1.0.0            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      image-policy-webhook 1.0.0-beta.3     Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      learningcenter                      0.1.0-build.6    Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      learningcenter-workshops          0.1.0-build.7    Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      ootb-delivery-basic               0.5.1            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      ootb-supply-chain-basic           0.5.1            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      ootb-templates                      0.5.1            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      scanning                             1.0.0            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      metadata-store                 1.0.2            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      service-bindings                   0.6.0            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      services-toolkit                  0.7.1            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      source-controller            0.2.0            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      spring-boot-conventions           0.2.0            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      tap                                            0.4.0-build.12   Reconciling          tap-install
      tap-gui                                    1.0.0-rc.72      Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      tap-telemetry                        0.1.0            Reconcile succeeded  tap-install
      tekton-pipelines                            0.30.0           Reconcile succeeded  tap-install

    If the installation has stopped running, one or more reconciliations have likely failed, as seen in the following example:

    NAME                       PACKAGE NAME                                         PACKAGE VERSION   DESCRIPTION                                                            AGE
    accelerator                          1.0.1             Reconcile succeeded                                                    109m
    api-portal                                 1.0.9             Reconcile succeeded                                                    119m
    appliveview                           1.0.2-build.2     Reconcile succeeded                                                    109m
    appliveview-conventions                   1.0.2-build.2     Reconcile succeeded                                                    109m
    buildservice                             1.5.0             Reconcile succeeded                                                    119m
    cartographer                             0.2.1             Reconcile succeeded                                                    117m
    cert-manager                             1.5.3+tap.1       Reconcile succeeded                                                    119m
    cnrs                                             1.1.0             Reconcile succeeded                                                    109m
    contour                                       1.18.2+tap.1      Reconcile succeeded                                                    117m
    conventions-controller         0.5.0             Reconcile succeeded                                                    117m
    developer-conventions               0.5.0             Reconcile succeeded                                                    109m
    fluxcd-source-controller            0.16.1            Reconcile succeeded                                                    119m
    grype                             1.0.0             Reconcile failed: Error (see .status.usefulErrorMessage for details)   109m
    image-policy-webhook   1.0.1             Reconcile succeeded                                                    117m
    learningcenter                         0.1.0             Reconcile succeeded                                                    109m
    learningcenter-workshops            0.1.0             Reconcile succeeded                                                    103m
    metadata-store                    1.0.2             Reconcile succeeded                                                    117m
    ootb-delivery-basic                 0.6.1             Reconcile succeeded                                                    103m
    ootb-supply-chain-basic             0.6.1             Reconcile succeeded                                                    103m
    ootb-templates                         0.6.1             Reconcile succeeded                                                    109m
    scanning                                1.0.0             Reconcile succeeded                                                    119m
    service-bindings                      0.6.0             Reconcile succeeded                                                    119m
    services-toolkit                     0.7.1             Reconcile succeeded                                                    119m
    source-controller              0.2.0             Reconcile succeeded                                                    119m
    spring-boot-conventions             0.3.0             Reconcile succeeded                                                    109m
    tap                                               1.0.1             Reconcile failed: Error (see .status.usefulErrorMessage for details)   119m
    tap-gui                                       1.0.2             Reconcile succeeded                                                    109m
    tap-telemetry                           0.1.3             Reconcile succeeded                                                    119m
    tekton-pipelines                               0.30.0            Reconcile succeeded                                                    119m

    In this example, packageinstall/grype and packageinstall/tap have reconciliation errors.

  2. To get more details on the possible cause of a reconciliation failure, run:

    kubectl describe packageinstall/NAME -n tap-install

    Where NAME is the name of the failing package. For this example it would be grype.

  3. Use the displayed information to search for a relevant troubleshooting issue in this topic. If none exists, and you are unable to fix the described issue yourself, please contact support.

  4. Repeat these diagnosis steps for any other packages that failed to reconcile.

Failure to accept an End User License Agreement error

You cannot access Tanzu Application Platform or one of its components from VMware Tanzu Network.


You cannot access Tanzu Application Platform or one of its components from VMware Tanzu Network before accepting the relevant EULA in VMware Tanzu Network.


Follow the steps in Accept the End User License Agreements in Installing the Tanzu CLI.

Ingress is broken on Kind cluster

Your Contour installation cannot provide ingress to workloads when installed on a Kind cluster without a LoadBalancer solution. Your Kind cluster was created with port mappings, as described in the Kind install guide.


In Tanzu Application Platform v1.4.5, the default configuration for contour.envoy.service.type is LoadBalancer. However, for the Envoy pods to be accessed by using the port mappings on your Kind cluster, the service must be of type NodePort.


Configure contour.evnoy.service.type to be NodePort. Then, configure envoy.service.nodePorts.http and envoy.service.nodePorts.https to the corresponding port mappings on your Kind node. Otherwise, the NodePort service is assigned random ports, which are not accessible through your Kind cluster.

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