View possible configuration settings for your package

To view possible configuration settings for a package, run:

tanzu package available get$TAP_VERSION --values-schema --namespace tap-install

The package does not show all configuration settings for packages it plans to install. The package only shows top-level keys. You can view individual package configuration settings with the same tanzu package available get command. For example, to find the keys for Cloud Native Runtimes, you must first identify the version of the package with tanzu package installed list -n tap-install, which lists all the installed packages versions. Then run the command tanzu package available get -n tap-install --values-schema by using the package version listed for Cloud Native Runtimes.

profile: full

# Shared configurations go under the shared key.

# ...

# For example, CNRs specific values go under its name.
  provider: local

# For example, App Accelerator specific values go under its name.
    service_type: "ClusterIP"

Shared Keys define values that configure multiple packages. These keys are defined under the shared Top-level Key, as summarized in the following table:

Shared Key Description Optional
ca_cert_data PEM-encoded certificate data to trust TLS connections with a private CA. This shared key is used by convention_controller, scanning and source_controller Yes
ingress_domain Domain name to be used in service routes and host names for instances of Tanzu Application Platform components. Yes
ingress_issuer A for issuing TLS certificates to Tanzu Application Platform components. Default value: tap-ingress-selfsigned Yes
kubernetes_distribution Type of Kubernetes infrastructure being used. You can use this shared key in coordination with the kubernetes_version key. Supported value: openshift. Yes
kubernetes_version Kubernetes version. You can use this shared key independently or in coordination with the kubernetes_distribution key. Supported value: 1.24.x, where x stands for the Kubernetes patch version. Yes
image_registry.project_path Project path in the container image registry server used for builder and application images. Yes
image_registry.username User name for the container image registry. Mutually exclusive with Yes
image_registry.password Password for the container image registry. Mutually exclusive with Yes Secret name for the container image registry credentials of type Mutually exclusive with shared.image_registry.username/password Yes
secret.namespace Secret namespace for the container image registry credentials. Mutually exclusive with shared.image_registry.username/password Yes
activateAppLiveViewSecureAccessControl Enable secure access connection between Application Live View components. Yes

The following table summarizes the top-level keys used for package-specific configuration within your tap-values.yaml.

Package Top-level Key
See table above. shared
API Auto Registration api_auto_registration
API portal api_portal
Application Accelerator accelerator
Application Live View appliveview
Application Live View connector appliveview_connector
Application Live View conventions appliveview-conventions
Cartographer cartographer
Cloud Native Runtimes cnrs
Source Controller source_controller
Supply Chain supply_chain
Supply Chain Basic ootb_supply_chain_basic
Supply Chain Testing ootb_supply_chain_testing
Supply Chain Testing Scanning ootb_supply_chain_testing_scanning
Supply Chain Security Tools - Scan scanning
Supply Chain Security Tools - Scan (Grype Scanner) grype
Supply Chain Security Tools - Store metadata_store
Build Service buildservice
Tanzu Application Platform GUI tap_gui
Learning Center learningcenter

For information about package-specific configuration, see Install individual packages.

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