Multicluster Tanzu Application Platform overview

You can install Tanzu Application Platform (commonly known as TAP) in various topologies to reflect your existing landscape. VMware has tested and recommends a multicluster topology for production use. Because flexibility and choice are core to Tanzu Application Platform’s design, none of the implementation recommendations are set in stone.

The multicluster topology uses the profile capabilities supported by Tanzu Application Platform. Each cluster adopts one of following multicluster-aligned profiles:

  • Iterate: Intended for inner-loop iterative application development.

  • Build: Transforms source revisions to workload revisions; specifically, hosting workloads and supply chains.

  • Run: Transforms workload revisions to running pods; specifically, hosting deliveries and deliverables.

  • View: For applications related to centralized developer experiences; specifically, Tanzu Application Platform GUI and metadata store.

The following diagram illustrates this topology.

Diagram showing the multicluster topology that includes View, Build, and Run cluster.

Next steps

To get started with installing a multicluster topology, see Install multicluster Tanzu Application Platform profiles.

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