Install Tanzu Application Platform View profile

This topic tells you how to install View profile cluster by using a reduced values file.

The following is the YAML file sample for the view-profile:

profile: view
ceip_policy_disclosed: FALSE-OR-TRUE-VALUE # Installation fails if this is not set to true. Not a string.

  ingress_domain: "INGRESS-DOMAIN"
  kubernetes_distribution: "openshift" # To be passed only for Openshift. Defaults to "".
  kubernetes_version: "K8S-VERSION"
  ca_cert_data: | # To be passed if using custom certificates.
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

      type: LoadBalancer # NodePort can be used if your Kubernetes cluster doesn't support LoadBalancing.

        - type: url
          target: https://GIT-CATALOG-URL/catalog-info.yaml
        type: 'multiTenant'
        - type: 'config'
            - url: CLUSTER-URL
              name: CLUSTER-NAME # Build profile cluster can go here.
              authProvider: serviceAccount
              serviceAccountToken: CLUSTER-TOKEN
              skipTLSVerify: TRUE-OR-FALSE-VALUE
            - url: CLUSTER-URL
              name: CLUSTER-NAME # Run profile cluster can go here.
              authProvider: serviceAccount
              serviceAccountToken: CLUSTER-TOKEN
              skipTLSVerify: TRUE-OR-FALSE-VALUE

  ingressEnabled: true

  customer_entitlement_account_number: "CUSTOMER-ENTITLEMENT-ACCOUNT-NUMBER" # (Optional) Identify data for creating Tanzu Application Platform usage reports.


  • INGRESS-DOMAIN is the subdomain for the host name that you point at the tanzu-shared-ingress service’s external IP address.
  • K8S-VERSION is the Kubernetes version used by your OpenShift cluster. It must be in the form of 1.23.x or 1.24.x, where x stands for the patch version. Examples:
    • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform v4.10 uses the Kubernetes version 1.23.3.
    • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform v4.11 uses the Kubernetes version 1.24.1.
  • GIT-CATALOG-URL is the path to the catalog-info.yaml catalog definition file. You can download either a blank or populated catalog file from the Tanzu Application Platform product page. Otherwise, use a Backstage-compliant catalog you’ve already built and posted on the Git infrastructure in the Integration section.
  • CLUSTER-URL, CLUSTER-NAME and CLUSTER-TOKEN are described in the View resources on multiple clusters in Tanzu Application Platform GUI. Observe the order of operations laid out in the previous steps.
  • CUSTOMER-ENTITLEMENT-ACCOUNT-NUMBER (optional) refers to the Entitlement Account Number (EAN), which is a unique identifier VMware assigns to its customers. Tanzu Application Platform telemetry uses this number to identify data that belongs to a particular customers and prepare usage reports. See the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid documentation for more information about identifying the Entitlement Account Number.

If you use custom CA certificates, you must provide one or more PEM-encoded CA certificates under the ca_cert_data key. If you configured shared.ca_cert_data, Tanzu Application Platform component packages inherit that value by default.

The appliveview.ingressEnabled key is set to false by default. In a multicluster setup, ingressEnabled key must be set to true. If the shared.ingress_domain key is set, the Application Live View back end is automatically exposed through the shared ingress.

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