Discover Application Single Sign-On service offerings

This topic describes the recommended method for you to discover Application Single Sign-On service offerings.

VMware recommends that you consume Application Single Sign-On by claiming credentials for an Application Single Sign-On service using Services Toolkit. Service operators are responsible for curating service offerings.

You can discover the available service offerings with the Tanzu Service CLI:

tanzu service class list

The output contains a list of services you can claim credentials for, for example:

$ tanzu service class list
  NAME                  DESCRIPTION
  mysql-unmanaged       MySQL by Bitnami
  postgresql-unmanaged  PostgreSQL by Bitnami
  rabbitmq-unmanaged    RabbitMQ by Bitnami
  redis-unmanaged       Redis by Bitnami
  sso                   Login by AppSSO - LDAP
  sso-demo              Login by AppSSO - user:password - UNSAFE FOR PRODUCTION!

By looking at the DESCRIPTION you can identify two of the services as being for Application Single Sign-On: sso and sso-demo.

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