tanzu accelerator fragment update

This topic tells you how to use the Tanzu Accelerator CLI tanzu accelerator fragment update command to update an accelerator fragment.


Update an accelerator fragment resource with the specified name using the specified configuration.

Accelerator configuration options include: - Git repository URL and branch/tag where accelerator code and metadata is defined - Metadata like display-name

The update command also provides a –reconcile flag that will force the accelerator fragment to be refreshed with any changes made to the associated Git repository.

tanzu accelerator fragment update [flags]


tanzu accelerator update <accelerator-name> --description "Lorem Ipsum"


      --display-name string   display name for the accelerator fragment
      --git-branch string     Git repository branch to be used
      --git-repo string       Git repository URL for the accelerator fragment
      --git-sub-path string   Git repository subPath to be used
      --git-tag string        Git repository tag to be used
  -h, --help                  help for update
      --interval string       interval for checking for updates to Git repository
  -n, --namespace string      namespace for accelerator fragments (default "accelerator-system")
      --reconcile             trigger a reconciliation including the associated GitRepository resource
      --secret-ref string     name of secret containing credentials for private Git repository

Options inherited from parent commands

      --context name      name of the kubeconfig context to use (default is current-context defined by kubeconfig)
      --kubeconfig file   kubeconfig file (default is $HOME/.kube/config)


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