Troubleshoot Crossplane

This topic explains how you troubleshoot issues related to Crossplane on Tanzu Application Platform (commonly known as TAP).

For the limitations of Crossplane, see Crossplane limitations.

Resource already exists error when installing Crossplane


Installation of Crossplane, or a Tanzu Application Platform profile that includes Crossplane, fails with the error:

Resource already exists


Crossplane is already installed on the cluster. You cannot install the Crossplane package on a cluster that already has Crossplane installed on it by using another method, such as, Helm install.


Exclude the Crossplane package in the tap-values.yaml file. For more information, see Use your existing Crossplane installation.

The validatingwebhookconfiguration is not removed when you uninstall the Crossplane Package


The Crossplane Package deploys a validatingwebhookconfiguration named crossplane during installation. This resource is not deleted when you uninstall the Package.


Delete the validatingwebhookconfiguration manually by running:

kubectl delete validatingwebhookconfiguration crossplane
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