Use web workloads

This topic tells you how to use the web workload type in Tanzu Application Platform (commonly known as TAP).


The web workload type allows you to deploy web applications on Tanzu Application Platform. Using an application workload specification, you can turn source code into a scalable, stateless application that runs in a container with an automatically-assigned URL. This type of application is often called serverless, and is deployed using Knative.

The web workload type is suitable for modern stateless web applications that follow the twelve-factor app methodology and have the following characteristics:

  • Perform all work through HTTP requests, including gRPC and WebSocket
  • Do not perform work except when processing a request
  • Start up quickly
  • Store state in external databases instead of storing state locally

Applications using the web workload type have the following features:

  • Automatic request-based scaling, including scale-to-zero
  • Automatic URL provisioning and optional certificate provisioning
  • Automatic health-check definitions, if not provided by a convention
  • Blue-green application rollouts

When creating a workload with the tanzu apps workload create command, you can use the --type=web argument to select the web workload type. For more information, see Use the web Workload Type later in this topic.

You can also use the label in the YAML workload description to support this deployment type.

Use the web workload type

The tanzu-java-web-app workload mentioned in Deploy an app on Tanzu Application Platform is a good match for the web workload type. It is a good match because it serves HTTP requests and does not perform any background processing.

You can experiment with the differences between the web and server workload types by changing the workload type. To change the workload type run:

tanzu apps workload apply tanzu-java-web-app --type=server

After changing the workload type to server, the application does not auto-scale or expose an external URL. For more information about the server workload type, see Use Server workloads.

Switch back to the web workload by running:

tanzu apps workload apply tanzu-java-web-app --type=web

Use this to test which applications can function well as serverless web applications, and which are more suited to the server application style.

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