Customize the Tanzu Developer Portal telemetry collection

This section tells you how to customize telemetry collection for Tanzu Developer Portal.

Customize organization ID

By default, each instance of Tanzu Developer Portal is assigned to a random organization ID to ensure that your sensitive information is not revealed.

However, you can choose to customize your organization ID and self-identify. Doing so allows VMware to observe account-level telemetry, such as frequency of portal use, most popular function, and so on. All personally identifiable information remains anonymized in any case. The organization name is hashed to prevent VMware from identifying you by the value.

To customize:

  1. Provide additional configuration parameters to the app_config section of tap-values.yaml:

          organizationId: 'ORGANIZATION-NAME'

    Where ORGANIZATION-NAME is the name of your organization or the name of the Tanzu Developer Portal instance of your choice. ORGANIZATION-NAME must be unique and static across an instance of Tanzu Developer Portal so that your organization name remains the same across refreshes of the Tanzu Application Platform database.

  2. Reinstall your Tanzu Developer Portal package by following the steps in Upgrade Tanzu Application Platform.

After the updated values configuration file is applied in Tanzu Developer Portal, your organization ID is updated.

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