Add Tanzu Developer Portal integrations

You can integrate Tanzu Developer Portal with several Git providers. To use an integration, you must enable it and provide the necessary token or credentials in tap-values.yaml.

Add a GitHub provider integration

To add a GitHub provider integration, edit tap-values.yaml as in this example:

    baseUrl: http://EXTERNAL-IP:7000
  # Existing tap-values.yaml above
    github: # Other integrations available see NOTE below
      - host:
        token: GITHUB-TOKEN


  • EXTERNAL-IP is the external IP address.
  • GITHUB-TOKEN is a valid token generated from your Git infrastructure of choice. Ensure that GITHUB-TOKEN has the necessary read permissions for the catalog definition files you extracted from the blank software catalog introduced in the Tanzu Developer Portal prerequisites.

Add a Git-based provider integration that isn’t GitHub

To enable Tanzu Developer Portal to read Git-based non-GitHub repositories containing component information:

  1. Add the following YAML to tap-values.yaml:

      # Existing tap-values.yaml above
            - host: "GIT-CATALOG-URL-1"
            - host: "GIT-CATALOG-URL-2" # Including more than one URL is optional

    Where GIT-CATALOG-URL-1 and GIT-CATALOG-URL-2 are URLs in a list of URLs that Tanzu Developer Portal can read when registering new components. For example, For more information about registering new components, see Adding catalog entities.

  2. Adding the YAML from the previous step currently causes the Accelerators page to break and not show any accelerators. Provide a value for Application Accelerator as a workaround, as in this example:

      # Existing tap-values.yaml above
            - host: acc-server.accelerator-system.svc.cluster.local

Add a non-Git provider integration

To add an integration for a provider that isn’t associated with GitHub, see the Backstage documentation.

Update the package profile

After changing tap-values.yaml, update the package profile by running:

tanzu package installed update  tap --package --version VERSION-NUMBER \
--values-file tap-values.yaml -n tap-install

Where VERSION-NUMBER is the Tanzu Application Platform version. For example, 1.8.5.

For example:

$ tanzu package installed update  tap --package --version \
1.8.5 --values-file tap-values.yaml -n tap-install
| Updating package 'tap'
| Getting package install for 'tap'
| Getting package metadata for ''
| Updating secret 'tap-tap-install-values'
| Updating package install for 'tap'
/ Waiting for 'PackageInstall' reconciliation for 'tap'

Updated package install 'tap' in namespace 'tap-install'
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